County Appraiser

Welcome to the Office of the Franklin County Appraiser

The Appraiser's Office main responsibility is to locate, identify, list, classify, and uniformly appraise all real estate, personal property, and oil & gas reserves located within the county, except for utility owned property, as prescribed by Kansas Statutes.

The appraiser's office does not determine taxes, only the appraised value of the property. The amount of taxes each taxpayer pays is determined by all of the taxing entities, i.e., city, county, school districts, fire, etc., and depends on the amount of revenue needed to provide all the public services the citizens require. The assessed value is determined by multiplying the appraised value of the property, as determined by the County Appraiser's Office by the Assessment Classes and Rates as outlined in the Kansas Constitution.

Property information, valuations, tax information and maps can be viewed in the free online PARCEL SEARCH

Vision Statement

An Appraisers Office that works hard to provide timely accurate information and property values and customer service is a priority.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Appraiser is to achieve equalization among all classes of property by maintaining the highest standards, in appraisal practices and law, guided by the goals of providing good customer service to the public, developing our employees by continuing education and accreditation programs provided by the State of Kansas Department of Revenue and Appraisal Organizations. Providing the best information to the county by utilizing technology and continuing to make the most efficient use of the resources provided. 

2024 Publication of the Market Study (K.S.A. 79-1460a)

Pursuant to KSA 79-1460a.

A study of the residential subclass (real estate market) indicated a 11% to 14% increase in selling prices. The effects of the market are somewhat subdued in the study by the continued practice of using data from the past three years which allows the averaging effect to dampen extreme and sudden changes in prices, either upward or downward. Separate studies of homes built before 1946 and homes built after 1945 indicated a 12.0% to 14.0% increase for newer properties and a 10.0% to 12.0% increase for older properties.   Fluctuations within the data were also noted. A review of the commercial subclass real estate market indicated that the market is on an upward trend of 3.5% after several years of slow growth. A study of the vacant land subclass real estate market indicated an increase of 19%.

In accordance with the provisions of KSA 79-1476, the Division of Property Valuation is required to annually furnish each county the results of its study relating to changes, if any, of the Use Value of agricultural land. Changes can occur as a result of several factors including cropping practices, commodity prices, and production costs. Use values are not considered in the market analysis provisions of KSA 79-1460a. Market value estimates on individual properties may not follow the general trend as some property’s value estimates may change because of changes in the property, corrections of descriptive information, calibration of estimating models based on the sales of other properties, replacement cost trends and/or income capitalization data.

Jamie W Wilson RMA
Franklin County Appraiser

Annual 17% Review

The County Appraisers Office is required to annually inspect 17% of all real estate parcels in Franklin County and 100% in a 6 year cycle. The review process consists of County Review Appraisers measuring the property, knocking on the door and asking basic questions such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living area. Our staff will begin the annual review in April of 2023.

 A map of the 6 year cycle is a available at:            6 YEAR 17% REVIEW MAP


All Appraisers must abide by Statutory deadlines as described within the


Being an Appraiser

Kansas county appraisers are appointed to a four year term of office by resolution of the County Commission.

In order to hold the office of county appraiser in Kansas, county appraisers must satisfy certain qualifications and must subscribe to an oath of office. In addition to an appointed county appraiser, Franklin County also employs:

  • One deputy county appraiser
  • Two review appraisers
  • Two personal property clerks
  • Graphical information system (cadastral mapping) technician