13-001: Lake Region Solid Waste Management Plan

13-002: Special Use Permit - Lybarger Oil, Inc 11-16-20

13-003: Special Use Permit - KS Belle Dinner Train - Midland RW

13-004: Special Use Permit: - Rural Water Dist #1 2-16-20

13-005: General Obligation Refunding Bonds

13-006: Stop sign placement at Marshall Road and Texas Road

13-007: Stop sign placement at Marshall Road and Tennessee Terrace

13-008: Stop sign placement at Reno Road and Oregon Road

13-009: GAAP Waiver

13-010: Establishing Meeting Schedule

13-011: Rezoning - Janet Fell

13-012: Special Use Permit - AT&T Mobility

13-013: Stop Sign placement at Reno Road and Utah Road

13-014: Rezoning: Floyd Enegren

13-015: Rezoning: Wendel Crist

13-016: General Obligation Refunding Bonds: issuance and delivery 

13-017: Establishing training center fee for EMS

13-018: Rescinding resolution 11-34

13-019: Intent to finance courthouse HVAC improvements

13-020: Veteran's Memorial: addition of names policy

13-021: Rezoning: Amy Wiscombe

13-022: Rezoning: JEB Investment Group

13-023: Rezoning: Leonard Humphrey

13-024: Rezoning: Phillip Beets

13-025: Vacate a portion of Labette Road

13-026: Foreclosure Proceedings and Sale of Real Property for Deliquent Taxes

13-027: Vacate a portion of Hamilton Road

13-028: Policy adoption for construction requirements and procedures for installation of utilities

13-029: Repeal Resolution 97-15

13-030: Appraisal contract renewal

13-031: Rezoning: Clint Burkdoll

13-032: Rezoning: Merle Voigts

13-033: 2014 Franklin County Annual Budget

13-034: Adopt the Lake Region Solid Waste Management Plan

13-035: Transfer of funds to the 911 phone fund

13-036: Rezoning: Delores French

13-037: Jail Trust Fund

13-038: Special Use Permit: Poe

13-039: Amendments to Zoning Regulations to Article 26; Section 26--2 re: Christmas Trees

13-040: Rezoning: Warren and Deloris Steanson

13-041: Emergency Operations Plan

13-042: Solid Waste Fee Schedule

13-043: Rezoning: Judy Fabert

13-044: Rezoning: Deborah Horne

13-045: Centropolis Sewer District

13-046: Vacate a portion of Kentucky Road

13-047: Health Department Fee Schedule

13-048: Rezoning: Chad Burkdoll

13-049: Vacate a portion of Delaware Road

13-050: Interlocal Agreement and Resolution

13-051: Condemnation and Appropriation of Certain Interests in Real Estate

13-052: Special Use Permit #1205-1163 Revocation: Stewart

13-053: Functional Classification System

13-054: Appointing District Coroner for the Fourth Judicial District

13-055: Appointing Special Deputy Coroner for the Fourth Judicial District

13-056: Finance Improvements to County Building (226 Beech Street) 

13-057: Transferring Funds to Capital Improvement and Equipment Reserve Funds

13-058: Correcting a Clerical Error in the Tax Statements for the Property in the City of Williamsburg

13-059: Vacate a portion of Lasalle Street

13-060: Amending Personnel Rules and Regulations

13-061: Exempting Courthouse from Concealed Carry Commencing 1/1/2014 for up to Four Years

13-062: Restricting Weapons on County Premises and in County Buildings