Vaccine Information

If you would like to be added to a list to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to you, call (785)229-3531.

Current vaccine status:

Vaccine 01.18.21

Franklin County has received 920 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and has administered 600 of those doses. 
Those vaccinated 1st dose include:
•Public Health
•Medical First responders
•Healthcare Associated Workers
•Individuals deemed critical to the COVID response
•Individuals 80 years and older – 200 doses were administered on Saturday, 01/16/21.
Remaining vaccinations:
•60 – 2nd doses for Public Health and EMS – administered week of January 18th
•260 – 2nd doses for Medical First Responders and Healthcare Associated Workers 
As a reminder, Franklin County does not know when and/or the amount of vaccines that will be received at any given time. County residents who would like to get on a list to receive the vaccine when it becomes available to them based on age and medical conditions, please call (785) 229-3531

Update 01.11.21:

Franklin County has received a second allocation of COVID-19 vaccinations, this allotment from the Health Partnership Clinic. These vaccines are only to be used for Phase 1 individuals per the State of Kansas guidelines. As a reminder, Franklin County must follow the guidelines set in place by the State of Kansas for administering the vaccine and at this time cannot move to Phase 2 until the State allows.

Phase 1 has been a community-wide effort. As previously mentioned, AdventHealth Ottawa received their own allotment of doses for their staff.  Local long-term care and senior living residences received doses through a nationwide contract with CVS, Walgreens and the State. 

As shown in the chart – Franklin County recently received 500 doses of the vaccine. These doses will be used to vaccinate all other Health Care Associated Workers (HCAW) in the County. This includes but is not limited to: medical offices, dental offices, optometric offices, home-health workers and hospice workers. The Health Department expects to have administered all 250 - 1st doses by the end of this week. The remaining doses will be allocated for Phase 1 – 2nd doses. 

We know there are several individuals anxiously awaiting their vaccination. At this time, doses of the vaccine are only available in limited quantities from the Federal Government. As doses become more widely available the State of Kansas will be able to move into Phase 2. Franklin County is unsure when and how many vaccinations they will receive from the State at any given time. 

State of Kansas Vaccine Guidelines

The COVID-19 vaccine has reached Franklin County and administration of the vaccine has began. Franklin County must follow the State of Kansas’ phased approach to administer the vaccine. The phases are as follows:  

Phase 1 - 

  • Healthcare workers
  • Residents or patients in long-term care (LTC), senior housing, or LTC-supported independent living
  • Workers critical to pandemic response continuity
    Phase 1

Phase 2 - 

  • Persons aged 65+
  • Congregate Settings
  • High-contact critical workers Phase 2

Phase 3 -

  • Aged 16-64 with severe medical risks
  • Other critical workers

Phase 4 -

  • Aged 16-64 with other medical risks

Phase 5 -

  • Rest of the population (16 years +)
  • Children (subject to further research on Vaccine risks and effectiveness for children)

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