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Renewal of License Plates Registration

     Special plates may require an additional form.  Such as: disabled plates require a Recertification form every three years, Educational Institute plates and Children's Trust plates require paid receipt letter from the institution every year, and National Guard plates require the signed form from their Commanding Officer certifying assignment in National Guard or a copy of the individual's Armed Forces identification card every year and Fire Fighters require signed form from the Chief each year.

Print your Vehicle Renewal

Last names beginning with __ register in month ___ as follows:

                      February 28 (or 29)

                              C - D
                            April 30

                              H - I
                            June 30

                           M - N - O
                          August 31

                          October 31

                         U - X - Y - Z
                         December 31

                          March 31

                           E - F - G
                            May 31

                           J - K - L
                            July 31

                          P - Q - R
                       September 30

                          T - V - W
                        November 30