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Commodities Accepted


GLASS                                                                                   NEWSPAPER     

Accept brown, clear, and green only                       Loose or in paper bags, we prefer in bags 
Consumable product glass only                             All ad supplements are accepted 
PLEASE RINSE and sort by color                          NO JUNK MAIL  (in mixed paper) 
MAY LEAVE LABELS ON                                     NO PLASTIC BAGS, PLEASE

TIN                                                                                           PAPERBOARD AND CARDBOARD

Tin quality should attract magnet                             Pop and beer containers 
PLEASE RINSE                                                    Shoe boxes
MAY LEAVE LABELS ON                                      Brown sacks and packing paper  
Lids are accepted, please leave in can                     Flats and boxes
NO PIE TINS, CAT FOOD OR TUNA CANS              Dry goods boxes, cereal, etc.

ALUMINUM CANS                                                                MAGAZINES AND CATOLOGS

PLEASE RINSE                                                     Must be dumped loose in bin 
NO ALUMINUM FOIL OR PIE TINS                          No junk mail-goes in mixed paper
Don’t need to smash                                               NO PHONE BOOKS

PLASTICS                                                            MIXED PAPER

#1, #2, #2 Clear Milk Jugs                                       Junk Mail
PLEASE RINSE                                                     Stapled papers
Discard caps                                                          All loose papers except wrapping
MAY LEAVE LABELS ON                                       PLEASE NO TISSUE OR PAPER TOWELS
To determine which #-look in the center of          Computer paper of all kinds
the recycle logo (shown below).  We do not                      Bills and statements
accept numbers 3-9.                                                                  Call our office to set up shredding times