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Resolutions 2014
14-01:  Urging KS Legislature and Governor Brownback to Retain the Mortgage Registration Fee
14-02:  Establishing Commission Meeting Schedule for 2014 
14-03:  Rezoning: Debra and John Dundee
14-04:  Altering Commission Districts
14-05:  Approving the Issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds by the Public Building Commission
14-06:  Rezoning:  Steven Bell
14-07:  Rezoning: Ron and Sandra Kleier
14-08:  Rezoning: Karl and Judith Kelsey
14-09:  Special Parks and Recreation Fund Policy
14-10:  Vacate a portion of Jackson Road  
14-11:  Rezoning: Ray Taylor
14-12:  Special Use Permit: Dog boarding for Skogen
14-13:  Foreclosure Proceedings and Sale of Real Property
14-14:  Vacate a portion of Utah Rd
14-15:  Rezoning: Curtis and Hilda Miller
14-16:  Rezoning: Gary Walburn
14-17:  Rezoning: Auberrie Johnson
14-18:  Establishing Juror Fees And Mileage Reimbursement
14-19:  Appointing A Freedom Of Information Officer and Providing For The Offices Duties
14-20:  Vacate A Portion Of Osborne Lane
14-21:  Upgrade A Portion Of Georgia Road To Full Maintenance
14-22:  Rezoning:  Bob and Kelley Thompson
14-23:  Amendments to the County Zoning Regulations
14-24:  Special Use Permit:  Gunsmithing for Yoder
14-25:  Special Use Permit:  Livestock and Flatbed Agriculture Trailer Sales for Ramshaw
14-26:  KS Multi Hazard Multi Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
14-27:  Removal of Stop Signs for East & West bound Stafford Road
14-28:  Rezoning:  Two Bros., LLC
14-29:  Special Use Permit:  125 foot elevated water tower for Rural Water District #5
14-30:  Rezoning:  Linda Davis
14-31:  Special Use Permit:  Sylvester Ranch Business Wall Sign
14-32:  Rezoning:  Betty Driver
14-33:  Rezoning:  Don and Ginger Hobbs
14-34:  Authoring Interlocal Agreement between City of Ottawa and Franklin County
14-35:  Stop Signs on Pawnee Road at Utah Road
14-36:  Amending Personnel Rules & Regulations and Pay Plan
14-37:  Update Emergency Medical Services Fee Schedule
14-38: Transfer of Funds
14-39:  Rezoning:  Douglas & Patsy Kershner
14-40:  Adopting Lake Region Solid Waste Management Plan