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Resolutions 2006
06-001: Rezoning Walter & Susan Key
06-002: Rezoning Lawrence & Mary Gast
06-003: GAAP Waiver for Year 2006
06-004: Stop Signs @ Iowa Road and Cloud Road
06-005: Rezoning JoLene Thoele
06-006: Rezoning Burgdorf Farms
06-007: Amendment KDOT Revolving Loan
06-008: Rezoning George & Verla Alexander
06-009: Rezoning George Streebin
06-010: Rezoning Patti Broyles Watkins
06-011: Special Use Permit Bonnie Samuel
06-012: Amending Zoning Regulations
06-013: Rezoning Jessie Herring
06-014: Strategic Plan
06-015: Vacating a Portion of Haskall Terrace
06-016: Rezoning Mike and Patricia Wiseman
06-017: Rezoning Raymond Sundstrom
06-018: Wal-Mart Annual Exemption
06-019: Rezoning Charles and Dorothy Welch
06-020: Public Building Commission
06-021: Special Use Permit Robin Dunn
06-022: Rezoning Marvin Gretencord
06-023: Rezoning Dennis Roberts
06-024: Rezoning Jerry Wray
06-025: Rezoning Lee Nitcher
06-026: Rezoning East Kansas Land, Inc.
06-027: Adopting Bylaws for Building Code Board of Appeals
06-028: Setting September 30th of Each Year as Tax Cut of Date
06-029: Special Use Permit Franklin County Mental Health Center, Inc.
06-030: Special Use Permit Asphalt Sales, Inc.
06-031: Code of Ethical Conduct
06-032: Personnel Rules & Pay Plan
06-033: Controlling the Abatement of Nuisances and Collection of Costs
06-034: Special Assessment against Robert J. Hooton
06-035: Provisions in Residential Code
06-036: Special Use Permit Timber Lake Church Camp
06-037: Rezoning TLC Auto/P.S. Inc.
06-038: Rezoning Max Hunter
06-039: Rezoning Jim and Vicki Cain
06-040: Agreement - Urban Growth Area
06-041: Rezoning Jon Cook
06-042: Vacate a portion of Douglas Road
06-043: Vacate a portion of Utah Road
06-044: Vacate a portion of Tennessee Terrace
06-045: Vacate Alley in City of Peoria
06-046: Rezoning Laura Hare
06-047: Special Use Permit Beauchamp
06-048: Special Use Permit Trenary Dog Kennel
06-049: Vacate a portion of Nebraska Road
06-050: Rezoning Roy Spencer
06-051: Rezoning George Brockus
06-052: Rezoning Charles Duncan
06-053: Rezoning Travis and Kelly Dryden
06-054: Rezoning John E. and Nancy S. Taylor
06-055: Rezoning William McNish and Margaret Payne
06-056: Stop Signs @ Tennessee Road and Thomas Road
06-057: Rezoning Joe Ferguson
06-058: Approving the Delivery of Certificates of Participation (FCMHC)
06-059: Amending the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Pay Plan
06-060: Amending the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Pay Plan
06-061: City of Ottawa Zoning & Subdivision Regulations - Urban Growth Area
06-062: Rezoning Jay and Sherry Wiscombe
06-063: Rezoning Robert and Betty Hamilton & David and Deborah McDermott
06-064: Juvenile Detention Facility Fee Schedule
06-065: Franklin County Kansas 2006 - 2026 Comprehensive Plan
06-066: Special Use Permit Stottlemire Auction Barn
06-067: Rezoning Denis and Kahtyrn Schlotzhaur
06-068: Rezoning Russ Pitts
06-069: Rezoning Stanley B. McNees
06-070: Amendments to Zoning Regulations
06-071: Rezoning Edward W. Ferguson, Jr.
06-072: Rezoning Kenneth and Judy Jackson
06-073: Rezoning Darrell L. Slasbury
06-074: KDHE Contract - Illegal Dump
06-075: Issuance of Building Permits on Minimum Maintenance Roads
06-076: Restricting Weapons on County Premises
06-077: Restricting Weapons for County Employees
06-078: Amending the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Pay Plan
06-079: GAAP Waiver for Year 2006
06-080: Revolving Fund Loan Agreement with KDOT
06-081: Rezoning Gerald Shepherd & Tim and Janet Matthias
06-082: Rezoning Terence and Paula Lamb
06-083: Rezoning Joe Reams