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Resolutions 2015
Resolutions 2015
15-01:  Rezone:  Clint & Josie Flory
15-02:  Rezone:  Tiffany Anderson
15-03:  Rezone:  Leroy & Violet Kramer
15-04:  Rezone:  Ken Davidson
15-05:  2014 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Waiver
15-06:  2015 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Waiver
15-07:  Rezone:  Ben & Leah Wray
15-08:  Rezone:  Douglas Alagna
15-09:  Amend Personnel Rules & Regulations and Pay Plan
15-10:  Special Use Permit for Lonnie Spillman
15-11:  Rezone:  Joshua & Angela McGrath
15-12:  Rezone: Jacob Guyett
15-13:  Rezone:  Jonnie Damman
15-14:  Rezone: Ron & Linda Jo Weatherbie
15-15:  Special Use Permit For Old German Baptist Brethren Church
15-16:  Resolution Of Support For City Of Ottawa's One Cent Sales Tax Election
15-17:  Resolution Adopting County's Sanitation Code
15-18:  Stop Sign At Stafford Rd. & Florida Rd.
15-19:  Resolution To Vacate Deer Trail Lane
15-20:  Amendment of Section 5.3 of Rules and Pay Plan
15-21:  Authorization of 2016 Budget
15-22:  Expressing The Property Taxation Policy
15-23:  Amendment Of The 2006-2026 Franklin County Comprehensive Plan
15-24:  Rezone: Ron & Linda Jo Weatherbie
15-25:  Amendment Of The Official Zoning District Map Of Franklin County, Kansas
15-26:  Upgrade A Portion Of Butler Road To Full Maintenance
15-27:  Rezone: Ricky Vogeler
15-28:  Special Use Permit:  Mototcross Safety Camps for Martin
15-29:  Rezone: Dale Reese
15-30:  Resolution of Annexation of Property For The City of Pomona
15-31:  Rezone: Rodney Harris
15-32:  Eisenhower Stop Sign Installation 
15-33:  Rezone: Lawrence Kehoe
15-34:  Amendment of the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Pay Plan
15-35:  Termination of Interlocal Agreement
15-36:  Transfer of Funds to Capital Improvement & Equipment Reserve Funds