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Road & Bridge Updates
Road and Bridge Project Updates
Updated: 07.21.20
2019 was a devastating weather year for Franklin County and the damage to our County roads was significant. We appreciate your patience as the Public Works Department continues to get County roads back in shape in as timely a fashion as possible. Below you will find project locations, details, and pictures of before, progress and completion.

Current Road Closures:

Attention: Bridge Closed – 100-500 Colorado Road 
The Bridge at the 100-500 section of Colorado Road (north of Butler Road) has been closed until further notice in order to continue working on the needed bridge repairs. The asphalt overlay is being removed from the entire bridge to patch several locations. Once the patched areas have cured, the bridge will be over-layed with either asphalt or a high-performance concrete. The timeline for repairs is unknown but will be kept as minimal as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Northbound - East on Allen Rd to Florida Rd, north on Florida Rd to Clark Rd, West on Clark Rd to Colorado Rd.
Southbound - East on Clark Rd to Florida Rd, South on Florida Rd to Allen Rd, West on Allen Rd to Colorado Rd. 

Attention: Road Closed – 3500-3700 Haskell Road

The 3500 – 3700 sections of Haskell Road have been closed to through traffic until further notice in order to repair the low-water crossing. The existing structure will be removed, cross-road pipes will be replaced and a new concrete surface will be poured. This work is expected to take at least 7-10 days, weather permitting. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.

Recently Completed Projects:

2500-2570 Finney Terrace
This project consisted of removing silt from the ditch to improve storm water flow. Prior to this work, storm water from a field on the north side of the road continuously washed across Finney Terrace into a field on the south side of the road, due to ditches being filled with silt through the years. Road and Bridge crews were able to remove the silt from the ditches and created proper flow to the creek. In working with an area farmer, the material from the ditches was stock piled on his property for future use. 
1Finney Terr 2500-2570 prior to work.JPG

1250-1450 Section of Texas and Finney Ditching and Road Work
Due to ongoing washout issues in this area over the years, Road and Bridge crews worked with adjacent farmers to: clean out and reshape the ditches, clean out and replace cross road tubes and to rebuild the road. The adjacent farmer allowed us to remove silt from a waterway that was causing storm water to wash out into the road rather than flowing down the waterway as originally intended. The farmer also plans to rebuild a waterway to help slow the storm water run-off before it overwhelms the cross road tubes that were put in place. This project will have a positive impact on the entire area. 
1Texas15  1250-1450 prior to work.JPG

511 Sand Creek (East of California)
The pipe at this location was extremely old and more narrow than road width allows of today. The heavy rains of 2019 brought about massive water flow, which destroyed previous repairs and curled under the bottom of the pipe causing it to nearly collapse. The old pipe was replace with a new cross road tube.
Sand Creek7  511 Prior to work_thumb.jpg

3648 Kentucky Road
During heavy rains in 2019, the pipe in this location separated along the east side of the roadway. The Public Works Department kept a close watch at this location, adding material to the area as needed until necessary repairs could be made. The cross road pipe in this location was replaced and shortened substantially as was necessary due to the growth of vegetation in the area.
Kentucky 3648 Before_thumb_thumb.jpg