Adult Services

Adult Intensive Supervised Probation

Agency staff are responsible for the assessment and community based supervision of adult offenders placed on Intensive Supervised Probation (ISP) by the District Court. In-house and community based referrals are utilized to meet the individual risks and needs of the offenders referred to the ISP program. The agency facilitates face-to-face, community and collateral contacts to monitor the conditions of probation as ordered by the sentencing Court.

Care Coordination Program

Community Corrections, in collaboration with the Elizabeth Layton Center, facilitates the Care Coordination Program which is designed to meet the behavioral health needs of clients being supervised in the Fourth Judicial District. Through the Behavioral Health Grant, made available by the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC), Community Corrections' Clinicians provide mental health assessments and individual treatment, as well as referrals for substance abuse evaluation/treatment, medication management, facilitation of cognitive education programming and other community-based referrals to meet the individual behavioral health needs of clients being supervised on probation.