Coffey County


Chief Judge

Taylor Wine
(620) 364-8620
(Presiding Wednesday, Thursday and Friday hearing domestic, criminal & probate)

District Judge

Eric W. Godderz
Phone: (785)448-6889
E-mail Judge Godderz
(Presiding over Chapter 60 civil cases)

Judge Wine's Administrative Assistant

Sally Wilk
(620) 364-8620
E-mail Sally

Clerk of the District Court

Emily Stephens
(620) 364-8628
E-mail Emily

Judge Wine's Court Reporter

LaDawna Sprout
Phone: (620) 364-8620
E-mail LaDawna

Judge Godderz's Administrative Assistant

Missy Strickler
Phone: (785) 448-6889
E-mail Missy

Judge Godderz's Court Reporter

Rhonda Rhodes Wise
Phone: (785) 448-6886
E-mail Rhonda

Magistrate Judge

Kara L. Reynolds
Phone: (620) 364-8628