Road and Bridge Entrance Requirements

Entrance Requirements

Franklin County requires that a property owner have permission from the Public Works Department before any entrance is established or reconstructed. The landowner has the option of obtaining a permit and installing or reconstructing an entrance or paying the Public Works Department to perform the work.

Application/Installation Procedure

  1. Obtain and properly fill out an entrance permit application (applications are available at the Public Works Department Office or you can download the application in pdf format by clicking here).
  2. Mark center location of entrance with the "County Provided Flag". (see note below)
  3. The County will determine the cost for the culvert only and the cost for materials and the County installation of the entrance.
  4. The applicant can either pay the County to install the entrance or obtain a permit to install the entrance themselves and pay for only the culvert.
  5. After the culvert has final approval, the County is responsible for replacement of the culvert should it be necessary.

  (Please keep in mind several factors when marking your location) 

  • The larger the drainage area upstream, the larger the diameter of pipe will be needed, therefore increasing your cost.
  • Entrances shall be limited to eight (8) per linear mile of frontage.
  • Driveways must have a minimum spacing of 200 feet on local roads and 330 feet on collector roads.
  • The entrance needs to be 250 feet from the intersection
  • The entrance must have 350 feet of sight distance in both directions. 
  • Brush and trees must be removed from the sight line. 

Building Permits on Minimum Maintenance Roads

On November 27, 2006, the County Commissioners adopted Resolution #06-075 restricting the issuance of building permits for non-agricultural structures where direct access to the site was from a minimum maintenance road unless the affected property owner agreed to upgrade the minimum maintenance road to the required County road standards.

If you have any questions you can contact the Planning & Building Department at (785) 229-3570 or you can download the resolution in pdf format by clicking here.