Commodities Accepted

Glass – From Consumable Products Only

-Must be rinsed out
-Labels are OK
-Discard lids or metal rings
-No broken dishes, Pyrex, light-bulbs, or window panes

Tin Cans

-Must attract magnets and be washed out
-You do not need to flatten the can
-Molded bottoms are OK
-You may put the top lid inside the can


-No Bags, Styrofoam or PVC Plastic
-Must be rinsed out
-Do not need separated
-Please remove plastics from bags
Accepted plastics are as follows

Accepted Plastics.jpg

-Number is located on plastic item (typically on the bottom)
-If plastic item doesn't have a number then it may not be recyclable (please speak with a recycle technician about your item)


-Can be stacked in paper sacks or loose -Entire newspaper is fine

-Stacking in paper bags is preferred -Do not tie newspaper in bundles

Aluminum Cans

-We prefer them not flattened

Magazines and Catalogs

-Can be brought in loose
-No junk mail


-This includes all paperboard including beer containers, pop containers, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, and etc.

Mixed Paper

-No Food Wrappers, Kleenex or Napkins
-Includes all other paper, such as notebook paper, post-it notes, copy paper, white envelopes, white computer paper, Green Bar, or Blue Bar computer paper are included as well junk mail, etc.
-Staples are OK


This includes all cardboard, Boxes preferably broken down to save space for others