Resolutions 2016

Resolutions 2016

16-01: Rezone: Keith Rockhold

16-02: Withdrawal of Special Use Permit #1506-1353

16-03: Camp Chippewa Seasonal Housing Permit

16-04: General Obligation Bonds

16-05: Intersection at Sand Creek Road with Arkansas Road

16-06: Vacation a portion of Iowa Road

16-07: Rezone: Jeremy and Sherry Goodwin

16-08: Rezone: Mark Ball

16-09: Rezone: Jodi White

16-10: Rezone: Jeff and Jodi White

16-11: Rezone: Ron Dunbar

16-12: Rezone: Michael Bove

16-14: Expressing The Property Taxation Policy

16-15: Authorizing Of 2017 Budget

16-16: Rezone: Urban Growth Area Of The City Of Ottawa

16-17: Rezone: Brian and Amy Piersol

16-18: Sale of General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series 2016 (Kingman & Montana Road Improvements) 

16-19: Amendment Of The Franklin County Personnel Rules And Pay Plan

16-20: General Obligation Temporary Notes

16-21: Rezone: William and Connie Clancy

16-22: Rezone: James and Betty Driver

16-23: Rezone: Jerry Vickers

16-24: Rezone: Larry Burkhart

16-25: Rezone: Gary Wheeler

16-26: Rezone: William Hampson

16-27: Transfer of Funds to Capital Improvement and Equipment Reserve Funds

16-28: Amendment of the Franklin County Personnel Rules and Regulations