Resolutions 2020

20-01: Authorizing the Redemption of Certain Outstanding Certificates of Participation Series 2006 (FRCO Mental Health Clinic)

20-02: Rezoning: Andrew Goracke

20-03: Rezoning: Thomas Horstick

20-04: Rezoning: Ray Groshong

20-05: Vacate Stafford Terrace between Eisenhower Rd and Old US-59

20-06: Rezoning: Shirley Paul

20-07: COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution

20-08: Rezoning: Brian and Erica Livingston

20-09: Rezoning: Scott Stoneking

20-10: COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution

20-11: Certifying Legal Authority and Authorization to Apply for the CDBG-CV from the Kansas Department of Commerce

20-12: Rezoning: Steve and Angie Plank

20-13: Special Use Permit #2004-1751: Crabtree, Operation of a Private Landing Strip in an "A-1" Agriculture Zone

20-14: Franklin County Coronavirus Relief Fund

20-15: COVID 19 Public Health Emergency Resolution

20-16: Rezoning: Charles Hirt

20-17: Rezoning: Ed and Kelly Smith

20-18: Rezoning: Hobbs Revocable Family Trust

20-19: Approving the Issuance of $2,620,000 Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds Series 2020-A by FRCO Public Building Comm.

20-20: Financial Statements: K.S.A. 75-1120a Requiring Municipalities to Prepare Financial Statements in Accordance with GAAP

20-21: Rezoning: Eddy and Rita Anderson

20-22: Rezoning: Damon Eyerly

20-23: Special Use Permit #2006-1768: Swift, Operation of a Campground Facility in an "A-2" Transitional Agriculture Zone

20-24: Amendments to Article 2, Definitions, Section 2-1.01 to Include a Definition for Distillery

20-25: Adopting the Region J Kansas Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

20-26: Exhibit F to Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement

20-27: Rescinding Resolution 09-08, Missouri Drive Description Change

20-28: Special Use Permit #2007-1775: Construction and Operation of a 287-ft High Communications Tower

20-29: Special Use Permit #2008-1776: Operation of a Micro-Distillery with Tasting Room and Drink/Food Serving Facility

20-30: Rezoning: Kevin and Stacy McDaniels

20-31: Exhibit F to Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement

20-32: Rezoning: Bernard Scheckel

20-33: Rezoning: John Hipp

20-34: Special Use Permit #2009-1792: SEK COOP, INC, Placement of a 30,000 Gallon Propane Tank Storage Facility in a "C-2" Zone

20-35: Rezoning: Miriam Ferguson

20-36: Rezoning: Doyle Morgan

20-37: Rezoning: Eugene Schaefer

20-38: Rezoning: Roger and Edith Shoemaker

20-39: Rezoning: Jesse Christopher

20-40: Vacate Tennessee Rd between John Brown Rd and Hamilton Rd

20-41: Transferring Funds to Capital Improvement and Equipment Reserve Funds