Road & Bridge Updates

Road and Bridge Project Updates

Updated: 05.10.21

2019 was a devastating weather year for Franklin County and the damage to our County roads was significant. We appreciate your patience as the Public Works Department continues to get County roads back in shape in as timely a fashion as possible. Below you will find project locations, details, and pictures of before, progress and completion.

Current Road Closures:

Recently Completed Projects:

1065-1100 Sand Creek Road

Road and Bridge crews recently improved the ditched and the road surface on this section of Sand Creek Road. Material from the ditches was pulled onto the road to build the road. Entrance culverts were also replaced and rock was added. 

Sand Creek6 in progress

2950-3100 Eisenhower Road

The east ditch on Eisenhower Road, east of K-68 was recently rebuilt. Over the years, the ditches had eroded due to frequent flooding issues in the area - causing the ditches to become very deep. Large material was added to the worst areas and the ditches were reshaped to allow better water flow. This work has improved safety condition along the right-of-way. While the road was closed, crews also added material to the shoulders at the intersection of k-68 HWY. The flow of traffic tends to cut the corner at the intersection causing large ruts on the edge of the pavement. Road rock was added to these locations and compacted to make the corners safer for the public. 

Eisenhower Ave8 prior to work

2100 Rock Creek Road

The ditches in this section of Rock Creek Road had become clogged with silt over the years, which was causing negative effects on the road itself - especially during heavy rain events. County Road and Bridge crews cleaned the ditches and used the materials to build up the road. Clogged and undersized culverts were also replaced.

Rock Creek6 in progress

3839 - 3950 Nebraska Road

Road and Bridge crews reworked the ditches in this area to help facilitate improved drainage. The adjacent land owners will utilize the material pulled from the ditches on their own property. Buried utilities created issues, but crews were able to work around them to make improvements in the area.

Nebraska Drive4 prior to work