Old 50 Highway

Old 50

Old 50 Highway Widening Project

Project Location:

Iowa Road to Eisenhower Road (Approximately 4-miles)

Project Timeline:

  • Engineering design is currently being redesigned
  • Bid date - first quarter of 2024
  • Construction to potentially begin second quarter of 2024
  • An open house to discuss traffic control will be scheduled prior to the beginning of major construction activities
  • Substantial completion expected on or before September 27, 2024

Points of Interest:

  • The project will widen Old 50 from 20’ to 26’.
  • All of the culvert structures will need to be lengthened to accommodate the increase in road width. 
  • The existing asphalt (up to 14” deep in some locations) on Old 50 will be milled off and used as base material.
  • The white circles on along Old 50 were placed by the engineering firm to help with survey control for their mobile LiDAR data collection efforts.
  • This 4-mile project is the first phase of a multi-phase project to improve the entire 16-mile Old 50 Highway route from Eisenhower Road to the Franklin County/Coffey County Line.
  • The timeline to complete the remaining phases of the project has not been determined.
  • Funding for this first phase of the project comes from the KDOT Cost Share Program ($1,500,000) and the remaining FEMA reimbursement funds from the 2019 flood disaster, along with Public Works project funds that have been saved over time.

Public Works Contact

David Lee
Public Works Director