Court Case Information

Finding Court Case Information

You can access information on specific district court cases in person by visiting the district court or online.

You can visit any District Court in the Fourth Judicial District and look up case information on the Public Access Computers. Computers are located in the hallways adjacent to Clerks offices or inside the clerks' offices. Please feel free to ask the Clerk of District Court office for assistance.

You can also access information on specific court cases through Kansas's District Court Public Access Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: On-line searches will not provide case information on divorce, visitation, support, and paternity cases. Case information on those types of cases can only be obtained by visiting the local courthouses.

SMART SEARCH: Click here for on-line court records.

Using the on-line court record search instructions: Click here.

You can also obtain Criminal History information through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation website:

And the Kansas Registered Offender website: