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Fourth Judicial District of Kansas

Franklin County District Court

State of Kansas v Kyle Trevor Flack

Case number: 13CR104

All media inquiries should be sent directly to John Steelman, District Court Administrator
and designated media coordinator for this proceeding at 785-242-6000 or

Cameras in the Courtroom Rules

Cameras in the Courtroom Rules (pdf version)

Presiding Judge
District Judge Eric W. Godderz

Prosecuting Attorney
Stephen A. Hunting, Franklin County Attorney
Victor J. Braden, Deputy Attorney General
James T. Ward, Deputy County Attorney

Defense Attorney
Ronald Evans
Timothy Frieden

Next Hearing Dates

Date: April 22, 2014 at 9:00 am
Type of Hearing: Arraignment

East Courtroom

Court Documents

5-10-13:  Complaint
5-16-13:  Defense Counsel Entry of Appearance
6-19-13:  Deputy Attorney General Entry of Appearance
7-01-13:  Motion to File Pleadings under Seal
7-01-13:  Journal Entry of First Appearance with Counsel
7-29-13:  Order Granting State's Motion to Perform DNA Testing with Conditions (Sealed)
8-01-13:  Journey Entry of July 8, 2013 Status/scheduling Conference
8-26-13:  Notice of Intent to Obtain Inquisition Testimony (Sealed)
10-17-13: Journal Entry of August 29, 2013 Motions Hearing (Sealed)
12-20-13: Journal Entry of November 12, 2013 Motions Hearing
01-14-14: State's Motion to Endorse witnesses
01-17-14: Journal Entry of December 20, 2013 Motions Hearing
01-30-14: Motion to Continue Hearing
01-30-14: Motion to Withdraw State's Request to Close Hearing
01-30-14: Order Granting Motion to Continue February 13, 2014 Hearing
02-21-14: Amended Complaint
03-10-14: Entry of Appearance
03-19-14: Order Reassigning Case