Jury Duty Information

4th Judicial District Jury Trial Plan

Jury Duty

Jury service is a pillar of the American justice system. Serving as a juror is one way for citizens to participate directly in the administration of justice. Jury service is a privilege and responsibility that should be accepted with pride.

The Fourth Judicial District has attempted to make your experience as a potential juror as painless and convenient as possible. Your juror summons and accompanying information should explain your duties and responsibilities. If you have any additional questions please contact the telephone number listed on your summons.

PLEASE follow the directions included in your summons letter: 

1. You are required to complete the questionnaire and return it in the provided envelope within FIVE (5) days.

2. Regardless of your personal situation, your juror questionnaire MUST be returned for processing.

3. You will need to call the telephone number provided in your summons the night before you are to scheduled to appear, to see if you are still required to appear. 

4. You are to report to the location stated in your summons on the date and time directed. Do not be late and provide enough time to check in. If you are late the court will contact you.

5. You may bring a cell phone, but you must turn it off when in the courtroom and follow all directions from the judge regarding the use of your cell phone during your jury service.

Safe Juries Informational Video:

Answering the Call for Jury Service video

Information Regarding Potential Juror Scams

Reports of citizens receiving scam phone calls or emails regarding jury service are periodically in the news.
Please remember this information regarding your jury service in Anderson, Coffey, Franklin, or Osage County:
 Citizens will NEVER be asked to make any payment as part of their jury service in any court. If that ever occurs contact your local court immediately.

Jurors will always be summoned to appear for jury duty through a mailing from the Clerk of District Court Office. Citizens will never receive the initial summons and questionnaire through email. 2. Jurors are required to fill out any attached questionnaires and return them in an enclosed envelope within 5 days. Potential jurors summoned for jury duty from the Fourth Judicial District (Anderson, Coffey, Franklin and Osage counties) will not be asked to fill out questionnaires via the internet.

  1. Jurors will not be contacted by local District Court officials via email, but only through mailed correspondence.
  2. The only times a juror may receive a telephone call from District Court officials are when a juror fails to appear for their scheduled jury duty or when District Court Personnel are returning calls from citizens regarding their jury service.
  3. AT NO TIME will a juror be asked to provide personal information, including credit card information, over the telephone or via email.
  4. AT NO TIME will a juror be asked to make any type of payment.

If at anytime you have questions about jury service please call your local District Court Clerk of Court Office.