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  1. Community Events
  2. Electronic Open Records Request

    Online application form for open records request. These requests are directed through the County Administrator.

  3. Employee Apparel - Spring 2021
  4. Employee Apparel - Spring 2022

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 3.. **Please note - There is still a major shortage of supplies and there is a possibility of a color... More…

  5. Employee Appreciation Luncheon - Summer 2021

    On June 30th, we will be hosting an Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Please join us at the Commission Chambers between 11:30 and 1:30.... More…

  6. Franklin County Blood Drive - Interest Form
  1. COVID-19 Home Test Self Reporting

    We appreciate your help in self-reporting your home test results.

  2. Employee Apparel - Fall 2022

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18... **Please note - There may be inventory issues once the order is placed. Anyone who submits an... More…

  3. Employee Apparel - Spring 2021 - Second Chance
  4. Employee Apparel - Winter 2021

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12. **Please note - prices have increased since the last order. Disclaimer: There is a shortage of... More…

  5. Franklin County 1/4 Zip Order
  6. Franklin County Shirt Order

    Franklin County Shirt Order