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  1. Community Events
  2. Electronic Open Records Request

    Online application form for open records request. These requests are directed through the County Administrator.

  3. Employee Apparel - Spring 2021
  4. Employee Apparel - Spring 2022

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 3.. **Please note - There is still a major shortage of supplies and there is a possibility of a color... More…

  5. Employee Appreciation Luncheon - Summer 2021

    On June 30th, we will be hosting an Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Please join us at the Commission Chambers between 11:30 and 1:30.... More…

  6. Franklin County Blood Drive - Interest Form
  7. Franklin County Shirt Order

    Franklin County Shirt Order

  1. COVID-19 Home Test Self Reporting

    We appreciate your help in self-reporting your home test results.

  2. Employee Apparel - Fall 2022

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18... **Please note - There may be inventory issues once the order is placed. Anyone who submits an... More…

  3. Employee Apparel - Spring 2021 - Second Chance
  4. Employee Apparel - Winter 2021

    ORDERS DUE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12. **Please note - prices have increased since the last order. Disclaimer: There is a shortage of... More…

  5. Franklin County 1/4 Zip Order
  6. Franklin County Community Resource Guide

    Do you provide resources/services to the Franklin County Community?

  7. Healthy Habits - A Series of Community Nutrition Education Classes

Ambulance Public

  1. CPR Request
  2. Franklin County Fire Department EMS Registration
  1. Franklin County Emergency Medical Services Customer Survey

    Franklin County Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to providing optimal care and transport for the sick and injured in the... More…

  2. Public Relations Request

    This is a form used to request Franklin County Ambulance services for public events. An example is a request for an Ambulance Vehicle... More…

Community Corrections

  1. Community Service Project Request

    We're looking for community service projects. 0Are you or your agency in need of help? Let us know!

  1. Community Service Work Form

    A form that can be used to document community service work hours that have been completed.

Emergency Communications

  1. Field Feedback Form

    If there is criminal activity or someone needs emergency assistance, please call 911. This form is not an official report to dispatch... More…

  2. Join our Team

    Are you interested in becoming a Dispatcher? Looking for more information? We want to hear from you. Please fill out the following... More…

  1. General Inquiries - questions, comments, concerns.
  2. Request Active 911 Form

    Request Active 911 Form

Franklin County Tourism

  1. 2022 Sponsorship Application

    APPLICATIONS ARE DUE : FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2022 by 5:00 pm. Funding given through this program is intended to support events and... More…

  2. Event Submittal Form
  1. 2022 Sponsorship Program - Event Completion Form

    Please submit this form within 30 days post event.

Public Health

  1. WIC Application

    It only takes a few minutes to start your application online. After you submit your form, a team member from our WIC office will... More…