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  1. Electronic Open Records Request

    Online application form for open records request. These requests are directed through the County Administrator.


  1. CPR Request
  2. EMS Station - Unit Issues
  3. Franklin County Fire Department EMS Registration
  1. EMS Incident Report
  2. Franklin County Emergency Medical Services Customer Survey

    Franklin County Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to providing optimal care and transport for the sick and injured in the... More…

  3. Public Relations Request

    This is a form used to request Franklin County Ambulance services for public events. An example is a request for an Ambulance Vehicle... More…

Community Corrections

  1. Community Service Work Form

    A form that can be used to document community service work hours that have been completed.


  1. Request Active 911 Form

    Request Active 911 Form

District Court

  1. Attorney Survey 2018
  2. Report Form

    for cso clients

  3. Report Form - Billye Carlson

    for cso clients

  4. Report Form - Kelly Johnson

    for cso clients

  1. Court Records Request Form

    Form for public to use to request court records

  2. Report Form - Audrey LeVota

    for cso clients

  3. Report Form - Brandee McArthur

    for cso clients

  4. Report Form - Spence Koehn

    for cso clients