Resolutions 2022

22-01: Resolution Authorizing Participation in ROZ Student Loan Repayment Program

22-02: Rezoning: L. Trent Burkdoll Trust No. 1; Mark Burkdoll Land, LP; Scott A. Burkdoll Trust No. 1; and, Tim W. Burkdoll Trust No. 1

22-03: Waiving the GAAP Requirements of Budgeting in the 2021 Financial Statements

22-04: Join the Statewide Litigation Regarding the Opioid Epidemic

22-05: Rezoning: Darby Wiseman

22-06: Rezoning: RCLA Properties, LLC

22-07: Revise and Update the Floodplain Management Zoning Regulations

22-08: Rezoning: Fay A Bryan

22-09: Vacate Utah Road Between Kingman Terrace and Steel Truss Bridge

22-10: Vacate a Portion of Alabama Road Between Thomas Road and Woodson Road

22-11: Resolution Authorizing the Establishment of a Work-Release Program

22-12: Rezoning: Roger E. Shoemaker

22-13: Rezoning: Shoemaker

22-14: Rezoning: Scott Daniels

22-15: Special Use Permit: Sherman-Elbert

22-16: Rezoning: Dalton Hughes

22-17: Resolution Repealing and Rescinding Resolution No. 20-15

22-18: Rezoning: Hunter Thompson

22-19: Rezoning: John and Lisa Diediker

22-20: Rezoning: Shandon Smith

22-21: Rezoning: Darby Wiseman

22-22: Rezoning: Dan Barrow Trading Co., Inc.

22-23: Resolution Waiving the GAAP Requirements of Budgeting in the 2022 Financial Statements

22-24: Resolution Establishing a Fee Schedule for Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition Waste